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European and EU Links

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EU News Links

EU seeks e-trade without borders
The European Commission is going to overhaul rules for online transactions to make people feel safer making cross-border purchases on the internet.

Poles and Slovaks in cheese stink
Poland and Slovakia are engaged in a European Union row over the right to register a traditional smoked cheese, called oscypek.

Romania and Bulgaria join the EU
Romania and Bulgaria are celebrating their entry into the European Union at midnight on New Year's Day with rock music and traditional dancing.

Euro slumps below 90 cents
Europe's single currency, the euro, has plunged to a new low against the US dollar, falling below $0.90 for the first time.

The euro drive for reform
The European Central Bank has increased its interest rates once again. The rise to 3.75% was designed to fight inflation, and the ECB is obviously worried that strong credit growth and the weakening currency might push up inflation.

Greece asks to join the euro
And then there were 12. Greece has applied to join the single European currency, the euro.

ECB keeps rates unchanged
The European Central Bank has decided to keep interest rates for the 11-member eurozone unchanged.

Britain seeks to stop Superstate
Britain will seek to maintain a blocking mechanism on moves by France and Germany to form an inner core of European Union nations, Robin Cook, the Foreign Secretary, signalled yesterday.

Joining euro 'will cost £36bn'
Joining the European single currency would cost the UK more than £36bn, according to new figures.

beefEurope ponders total US meat ban
The European Union is poised to begin a new and potentially damaging trade war with the United States.

EU fish quota slashed
European fishermen face some of the most drastic cuts in fishing quotas for a decade. British and Irish fishermen are expected to be hard hit because of the slump in stocks of white fish in the Irish Sea.

Europe's level playing field?
It is one rule for UK industry and another for the rest of Europe.

Bullish Outlook for Europe's Economy
Europe's economy is expected to grow faster next year, according to the latest European Commission forecast.

EU could block Vodafone bid
European Commission officials have warned that Vodafone AirTouch's bid for Mannesmann may be blocked if it is not in the interests of European consumers.

European Central Bank
The European Central Bank (ECB) sets monetary policy for all European Union countries in the single currency.

Tax and euro on EU menu
Tax harmonisation and the launch of euro notes and coins will be on the agenda on Monday (8th November) when EU finance ministers meet in Brussels.

The European Business Survey
The European Business Survey is the only study of its kind devoted to tracking the issues and trends facing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Europe — a sector which represents over 90% of the European business community.

The European Business Survey ~ Supplement
European SMEs ~ ready to go with the euro?

Central Bank Pages dealing with euro issues

EU Institutions

EMU info from EU governments

European Commission:

European Social Fund:

Statistical Office of the European Communities:

Joint Research Centres:

Other Agencies and Bodies:

Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union:

European Environment Information and Observation NETwork:

RAPID - the Spokesman's Service of the European Commission:

Information services:


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EU Institutions

European Parliament is the directly-elected democratic expression of the political will of the peoples of the European Union, the largest multinational Parliament in the world.

Council of the European Union is usually known as the Council of Ministers, and has no equivalent anywhere in the world. Here, the Member States legislate for the Union, set its political objectives, co-ordinate their national policies and resolve differences between themselves and with other institutions.

European Commission has three distinct functions: initiator of proposals for legislation, guardian of the Treaties, and the manager and executor of Union policies and of international trade relations.

Court of Justice provides the judicial safeguards necessary to ensure that the law is observed in the interpretation and application of the Treaties and, generally in all of the activities of the Union.

Court of Auditors is the taxpayers' representative, responsible for checking that the European Union spends its money according to its budgetary rules and regulations and for the purposes for which it is intended.

European Investment Bank is the European Union's financing institution, it provides loans for capital investment promoting the Union's balanced economic development and integration.

Economic and Social Committee in accordance with the Treaties, the Committee advises the Commission, the Council and the European Parliament. The opinions which it delivers (either in response to a referral or on its own initiative) are drawn up by representatives of the various categories of economic and social activity in the European Union.

Committee of the Regions is the European Union's youngest institution whose birth reflects Member States' strong desire not only to respect regional and local identities and prerogatives but also to involve them in the development and implementation of EU policies.

European Ombudsman every citizen of each Member State is both a national and a European citizen. One of the rights of all European citizens is to apply to the European Ombudsman if they are victim of an act of "maladministration" by the EU institutions or bodies.

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