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Law and Legal Links

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Regulatory Links
Consumer Rights
So you feel hard done by as a consumer, but where can you complain and what are your rights?

Advertising Standards Authority
Powers and controls and news from the ASA.

Government tackles the cartels
The government hopes to tackle the cartels that keep prices high head-on with a tough new Competition Act that came into force on1st March.

Soft drink prices cleared
The Office of Fair Trading ( OFT) has rejected a government call for an investigation into the prices charged for soft drinks in pubs, bars and restaurants.

Supermarkets cleared over prices
The UK's Competition Commission says there is some evidence that supermarkets may be abusing their power - but added that food is getting cheaper in real terms.

Competition Decision
The UK Competition Commission has said it will decide early next year whether there is any evidence of supermarkets ripping off consumers.

Peugeot 206

Peugeot rapped over 'speeding' ads
Car giant Peugeot has withdrawn two advertisements following complaints that they encourage speeding.

Queen unveils packed programme
The Queen unveils her government's plans for the coming year, including bills on tackling road congestion, the age of consent for gays and the right to roam in the countryside.

GM food firm rapped over adverts
Biotechnology company Monsanto has been criticised by advertising watchdogs over its campaign for genetically modified (GM) foods in the UK.

Government Links
UK Government
The Government's own site which has a search engine allowing you to search all the government sites. These include:

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Ministry of Defence
Department for Education and Employment
Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Department of Health
Home Office
Department for International Development
Lord Chancellor's Department
Northern Ireland Office
Scottish Office
Department of Social Security
Department of Trade and Industry
Welsh Office

Houses of Parliament
Hansard - Commons
Hansard - Lords
Cabinet Office
The Stationery Office (HMSO)
Central Office of Information
Office of National Statistics
National Audit Office
Government Information Service
Scottish Parliament
National Assembly for Wales
Local Government Information Unit
European Parliament

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