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Two supermarkets in e-mail probe
Two of the UK's supermarket giants have been ordered to hand over millions of e-mails and letters as part of a Competition Commission investigation.

Sainsbury profits jump to £380m
Supermarket chain Sainsbury's has seen its full-year profits surge as it cut prices to lure customers from rivals.


Sainsbury's targeted for Europe's biggest private equity buyout
Property portfolio attracts interest of consortium as analysts suggest £10bn bid

Bid talk lifts Sainsbury's shares
Shares in Sainsbury's have risen by as much as 18% after private equity investors said they were considering a takeover bid for the supermarket chain.

Sainsbury's humble beginnings
Sainsbury's was founded in 1869 by John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury. They opened their first small dairy shop at 173 Drury Lane in what was then one of the poorest parts of London. It quickly became popular for offering high-quality products at low prices. By 1882, there were branches in other market streets in the capital, in Stepney, Islington and Kentish Town. The first Sainsbury brand product - bacon - arrived in the same year.

Tesco opens own-brand China store
Tesco has opened its first own-brand supermarket in China. The UK giant already has investments in 46 Chinese stores under the name of its Chinese partner, Le Gou, which translates as "Happy Shopping".

Competition Commission looks at the local shop market
The Competition Commission is to focus on competition at the local level in the next phase of its probe into the UK's grocery industry. The commission has been examining the supply chain, planning and land banks of the four big UK supermarkets. Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons control almost 75% of the UK market.

Tesco unveils carbon cutback plan
Supermarket giant Tesco has unveiled wide ranging plans to cut carbon emissions and encourage its customers to buy green.

Supermarket throws lifeline to smaller stores
Somerfield stock is set to be sold in small retail outlets. Bristol-based Somerfield Supermarkets is set to exercise its "social conscience" by making deliveries of groceries and fresh produce to rural stores.

What's gone wrong for Sainsbury's?
What's been going wrong at Sainsbury's? Ian Pollock of the BBC's business staff looks at the background to more disappointing figures.

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Supermarkets cleared over prices
The UK's Competition Commission says there is some evidence that supermarkets may be abusing their power - but added that food is getting cheaper in real terms.

Competition Decision
The UK Competition Commission has said it will decide early next year whether there is any evidence of supermarkets ripping off consumers.

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