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Airbus and Aerospace

Airbus staff 'deny dollar death'

Employees of European plane maker Airbus have denied that the weak dollar is threatening the company's survival, a German newspaper report has said.

Airbus A380

UPS threat to cancel A380 order
United Parcel Service (UPS) has signed a new agreement with Airbus that changes the delivery dates for the ten A380 aircraft it has ordered.

Wrangling hits Airbus restructure
Airbus has been forced to postpone an announcement on a major overhaul of the business, amid disagreement between its various European partners.

Airbus upbeat on superjumbo sales
A top Airbus executive has said the planemaker has overcome its woes and expects to sell at least another 20 of its A380 superjumbos in 2007.

Airbus solves A380 wiring glitch
Airbus has fixed electrical problems related to its A380 superjumbo, which have led to major delivery delays for the planemaker.

Troubled Airbus slumps into red
Airbus secured fewer orders for new planes last year than its rival Boeing for the first time since 2000. Troubled planemaker Airbus issues a profit warning and warns of rising costs from its A380 plane project.

Airbus hikes A380 break-even mark
European aircraft maker Airbus has raised the number of A380 superjumbos it needs to sell to make a profit on the project.

Airbus jet delay costs 'millions'
The superjumbo made its maiden flight in April this year
European aircraft maker Airbus will pay out millions of dollars to airlines hit by A380 superjumbo delivery delays.

Airbus A350 jet gets green light
The firm which owns European plane manufacturer Airbus has agreed to press ahead with its planned A350 mid-sized, long-haul passenger jet.

Airbus A380 completes test flight
The world's largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380, has landed safely, completing its maiden flight.

Super-Jumbo deal boosts industry
The UK aviation industry is celebrating news that the government is to help BAE Systems develop the new A3XX super-Jumbo aircraft.

The Super-Jumbo Fact File
The European commercial aircraft organisation Airbus is betting its future on the development of a new generation of super-Jumbos, which will be capable of flying more people further than any other commercial airliner. BBC News Online gives some details of the project.

The height of luxury
For some people, flying will never be a comfortable experience. But increasingly airlines are taking steps to make it as pleasant - and in some cases as luxurious- as possible.

Huge grant to get super jumbo airborne
Thousands of new jobs are set to be created in Bristol after the Government today unveiled a £530m investment package for a new "super jumbo" aircraft.

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