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Unit 1: Marketing

Concept and process of marketing

Marketing is too important to leave to the marketing department.
(Bill Packard, Hewlett Packard, in Piercy, 1997)

Investigate the concept and process of marketing

Definitions: alternative definitions including those of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the American Marketing Association, satisfying customers’ needs and wants, value and satisfaction, exchange relationships, the changing emphasis of marketing

Marketing concept: evolution of marketing, business orientations, societal issues and emergent philosophies, customer and competitor orientation, efficiency and effectiveness, limitations of the marketing concept

Marketing process overview: marketing audit, integrated marketing, environmental analysis, SWOT analysis, marketing objectives, constraints, options, plans to include target markets and marketing mix, scope of marketing

Costs and benefits: benefits of building customer satisfaction, desired quality, service and customer care, relationship marketing, customer retention, customer profitability, costs of too narrow a marketing focus, total quality marketing

Suggested Reading

Marketing: Principles and Practice

Principles of Marketing

Principles and Practice of Marketing, 3rd Ed.

Principles of Marketing: European Edition


Home - Units - News - Links - Articles - Handouts - Books - Discussion - Unit 1 - Unit 2 - Unit 3 - Unit 4 - Unit 5 - Unit 6 - Unit 7 - Unit 8

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Marketing Links

Advertising Standards Authority
Powers and controls and news from the ASA.


Chartered Institute of Marketing

Recommended Marketing Books

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