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Unit 4 Business Environment - Investigate the behaviour of organisations and the market environment

Technology and innovation

What is technology?

How does technology and technological change affect organisations?

What is technology ?

Technology is the result of using our knowledge to tool, products and processes for human purposes.

Huczynski & Buchanan

Technology and its impact on business


Products and Services

Consumer and Industrial markets have seen major innovations:

Production Methods


Provision of Services

We have seen major changes in services because of:

The major areas of business affected by this are:


Information about customers, their buying habits, their personal details, allow companies to create individual products, tailored services, directed marketing and they can also sell the information to other companies.

Computerisation makes this quicker and easier.

Market Identification

Database systems can be used to identify new opportunities with new or existing customers


Employee Flexibility


…is a technique that focuses on organisation of work flows to provide a production method which minimises waste and keeps stock levels to a minimum…

a car is not built until a customer orders it

sometimes referred to as: just too late

How we work…


Web 2.0


What is digital?

Digital is converting analogue information into binary information 1010110001111001

Impact on Business



How will mp3 impact on those businesses involved in the music industry?

How should those organisations respond?

What strategies could they use?

Impact of technology on:

What is the impact on demand?


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